For A Good Time Call…

 A comedy in two acts

By Ian D. Clark and Marcia Kash

Henry and his wife Charlotte are leaving in two days for their long-postponed honeymoon to Paris. All the plans are made, their house is rented, the promise of unbridled passion is building. The only trouble is, unbeknownst to Charlotte, Henry lost his job six months ago, spent all their savings and can’t even pay for the plane tickets.  As Henry enters the final stages of panic, his neighbour and friend, the perennially unemployed actor Tristan, comes to Henry’s rescue by unwittingly introducing him to his own “part time job’—phone sex.  As Henry begins to learn the tricks of the trade, coached by Easy, the owner of For a Good Time Call…, Charlotte jumps to the wrong conclusions and is out for blood, only to be thwarted by the ambitious store-detective, Bloggins,  who has followed her home from a shopping spree in order to arrest her for shoplifting. The situation becomes ever more hilarious and complicated as the characters desperately try to untangle themselves from the classic farcical web of deceits they have spun.

 One set, 7 characters– 4 M, 3 F