Who’s Under Where? Reviews


This crowd-pleaser has been produced over 100 times in 8 countries and 5 languages.  After nearly 20 years it still breaks box-office records and has audiences howling in the aisles. The reason is simple–it’s FUNNY!


What the critics say… 

“ . . . audience members were actually left hiccuping, gasping for breath and wiping their eyes by the antics onstage. . . a machine-gun paced bit of hysterical silliness–a farce in the classic tradition.” Muskoka Advance

“ High farce. . . I recommend this production” The Hamilton Spectator

“Sexy lingerie, mistaken identities, and male models are only part of the lively, split-your-sides laughing plot of Who’s Under Where?  This witty farce keeps you on the edge of your seat all evening, laughing so hard your stomach hurts. . . incredibly funny. . . stunning. . . brilliant.”  The Muskokan

“. . .a rollicking farce.”  Romford Recorder (U.K.)

“Can Canadians write this kind of material?  The audience clearly thought so as much of the dialogue was lost behind gales of laughter. . . two hours of non-stop straight from the gut laughs, fast-paced twists and turns sprinkled liberally with sight gags and double entendres.  Just add a delighted audience and stir.  A huge hit.” The Lindsay Daily Post

“Pure, mindless fun. . .  spins happily out of control, powered by its own momentum and the laughter of the audience. . . a particularly well-written play. . . that won’t soon be forgotten by the howling audience.”  The Saskatoon Star Phoenix

“The sort of mind that can come up with a pun like that for the title is unlikely to fail us when it comes to mounting comic mayhem, and Marcia Kash and Doug Hughes duly deliver the comic goods.”  The Basildon Standard Recorder (U.K.)

“A clever, witty comedy. . .  It had the crowd roaring so loud that at times the actors could not be heard.”  The Saskatoon Sheaf