Discovering Elvis Reviews

What the critics have to say about… DISCOVERING ELVIS

“Discovering Elvis is the definitive crowd-pleaser…populated by likeable characters who deliver the right one-liners at the right time… Discovering Elvis puts the jump in your jumpsuit”  The Star-Phoenix, Saskatoon

 “You don’t have to be an Elvis fan to be charmed by the play Discovering Elvis …playwright Marcia Kash has produced a real gem here, and one that centres not on The King but on his madcap followers…” The Calgary Herald

“a humourous, tongue-in-cheek view of obsessed Elvis fans and Elvis impersonators . . .I was immensely  amused… Discovering Elvis succeeds.” The Gauntlet

“I could say a lot of good things about this play, but the best is that, despite my fervent wish that the world would just let him die already, I wouldn’t mind seeing this one again.”  Fast-Forward Magazine

 “Fantastic” . . . “fast pace…punchy one-liners”  FOUR STARS (out of five)” The Calgary Sun                                                           

  I had a great time. I had a ball…If you’re up for a good bit of fun in the first half and a great karaoke party in the second, where you get to clap for your hero, … this is just the thing for you.” CBC Radio


To see some of Discovering Elvis (A La Recherche D’Elvis )–from Theatre Beaumont-St. Michel–yes it’s in French but what the heck– check these out: