Discovering Elvis


 Marcia Kash

 A snow storm can’t stop die-hard Elvis impersonators from showing up to compete in the first round of a competition that could take them to their ultimate goal: headlining in Las Vegas!

 In their very unusual world, these erstatz Elvii have to face ridicule from the outside, and fierce competition from the inside, but as we come to know them, we understand a little more about why they want to be Elvis and how important it is for each of them to win.

 When the actions of a crazy fan seriously jeopardize their chances at competing, they abandon their one-up-man-ship and come together to make sure that the show goes on.  And on it most definitely goes!

 Which Elvis wins the competition?  The audience gets to be the judge.

 3 men, 3 women

One set, plus mylar curtain or revolve

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Taped musical accompaniments or live band