A Party to Murder Reviews

What the critics say:


“A Party to Murder thrills, Christie fashion”
Kentucky Recorder (U.S.)

” …enough to turn Dame Agatha green with envy.”
Oxford Press (Ohio)

“I have rarely sat in a theatre with a feeling almost akin to the hairs rising on the back of my neck, but Act 1 of Marcia Kash’s and Douglas Hughes’ thriller had that effect on me and, I suspect, much of the audience.” The Stage (U.K)

“Intriguing red herrings and tantalizing twists and turns provided a clever and original plot for this unusual thriller”
Reading Chronicle (U.K,)

“Playwrights Marcia Kash and Douglas E. Hughes have embraced the mystery formula with cheeky charm and skillfully crafted an enjoyable trip through safe and cozy mayhem.”
London Free Press

“Brilliant–even better than Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians…well-planned and full of surprises.”
The Free Press (Saskatoon)

“The late Dame Agatha. . . is probably nodding with approval from her picture over the fireplace…the tension folds and unfolds like an accordion, revealing hidden passageways, supernatural events, and a bevy of bodies building to a superb climax.”
The Kentucky Recorder